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Why the foxboro

Some engineers, producers and record labels struggle to get their music mastered appropriately for its intended audience. Especially when they know the song they have could sound better. We are a dedicated mastering studio focused on helping you through a pain free mastering process, so you can sound your absolute best when your song is distributed and heard by millions.


Our Process

Step 1

Submit a Project Form and upload your mix(es) directly to us. The form is the most important part of this step because this is where you're able to express your needs and desired outcome for your project.

Step 2

We master your mix(es) and deliver a master ref for approval. This is where we begin communicating together on any improvements needed to your mix and/or our master until you are satisified.

Step 3

Once you've approved the master refs, we perform a QC listen and any final editing needed. Then we create the various types of final masters you've requested for digital and physical distribution. See OUR SERVICES


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“Mastering is about more than technical detail, it’s about TRUST. It’s the last stage between your creative work and the world at large, so you need to make sure it’s handled by an expert like Mike who cares as much about the craft as you do. Put simply: he makes songs sound so good you can’t help but smile!"

Matt Bronleewe - GRAMMY™ nominated Producer/Composer - (Cole Swindell, Plumb, Jars Of Clay, Ruelle, Sam Tinnesz) - www.mattbronleewe.com

"Mike has one of my favorite set of ears in the industry! His ears are as versatile as the genres of music we throw his way – something truly difficult to find. Mike nails the polish we seek for our projects right-off-the-bat without virtually any direction from us; Proof that he LISTENS before even touching a single knob. His communication, reliability, and speed are simply bonuses. In a day and age where anyone can call themselves a mastering engineer… Mike earns the title."

Jose Olide - Latin GRAMMY , Dove Award Nominated Producer/Engineer - (Marco Barrientos, Christine D'Clario) www.aliento.com

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"If you want your clients to have super professional results, look no further than Mike at The Foxboro. Love what he does!"

Tommee Proffitt - Dove Award Winning Producer/Songwriter/Mixer - (NF, Colton Dixon, Fleurie, Britt Nicole, Nicole Nordeman) - www.tommeeprofitt.com

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"Mike really cares about his work. In a world where it can be easy to be lazy and just throw a mastering plugin across the 2 bus, Mike works very hard to make mastering a special and vital part of the song process. Mike is hungry to make a great master and I for one am grateful for that and so are my clients. He has a great grasp of sonics and his work is solid, consistent and very important to my process of directing a songs journey from start to finish."

Jake Rye - Dove Award nominated Producer/Mixer/Songwriter - (Newsboys, Sanctus Real, Michigander. Cloverton, Shine Bright, Curt Anderson) - www.jakerye.com


Our Work

Spider-Man Homecoming International Trailer

Feat. "Wolves" by Sam Tinnesz and Joshua Silverberg from Sam's LP BABEL mastered at The Foxboro

HULU's "The Looming Tower" Promo

Feat. "Rival" by Ruelle from her EP mastered at The Foxboro.


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