Established by Mike Cervantes, The Foxboro is an audio mastering studio in Grand Rapids, MI USA and has worked with artists from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Europe, and Australia.

Getting your mixes mastered is the final step of the music making process before distribution. It's the last effort to improve your mix's sonic qualities and enhance the listening experience for the intended audience in every format it is heard. Whether it's a single or full-length album, mastering is a very important step that should never be overlooked or undermined, but simply sought to help your mix's potential success.

The Foxboro has earned a business award for "enhancing the positive image of small business through service to its customers and community" and we continue to build our character by providing the necessary components to deliver world-class audio mastering. With our precise monitoring, professional industry leading equipment, and our engineer's artistic and professional expertise, we know how to critically listen to your mix and determine what (if any) necessary steps are needed to improve its quality for all music formats it's distributed.

Giving your audience the best representation of your song’s mix is expected when you release the new music you've worked hard on. 


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As a client of The Foxboro, we value the experience you have while we serve you. Here is what our clients are saying about their past experience while working with Mike Cervantes and The Foxboro.

If you want your clients to have super professional results, look no further than The Foxboro... Love what they do! Sounds incredible.
— Tommee Proffitt - Dove Award Winning Producer/Songwriter/Mixer - (Artist Credits - NF, Colton Dixon, Fleurie, Brit Nicole, Beacon Light) // (Label Credits - Capitol Records)
Mike really cares about his work. In a world where it can be easy to be lazy and just throw a mastering plugin across the 2 bus, Mike works very hard to make mastering a special and vital part of the song process. Mike is hungry to make a great master and I for one am grateful for that and so are my clients. He has a great grasp of sonics and his work is solid, consistent and very important to my process of directing a songs journey from start to finish.
— Jake Rye - Producer/Mixer/Songwriter - (Artist Credits - Newsboys, Sanctus Real, Cloverton, Shine Bright, Curt Anderson) // (Label Credits - Universal, Capital Records, BEC Recordings, InPop Records, SlowSpeak, Sony, Invogue Records)
Mike has one of my favorite set of ears in the industry! His ears are as versatile as the genres of music we throw his way – something truly difficult to find. Mike nails the polish we seek for our projects right-off-the-bat without virtually any direction from us; Proof that he LISTENS before even touching a single knob. His communication, reliability, and speed are simply bonuses. In a day and age where anyone can call themselves a mastering engineer… Mike earns the title.
— Jose Olide - Latin Grammy Nominated Producer/Engineer - Partner & Ceo at Aliento Music Group - (Marco Barrientos, Nathan Ironside)
Every time I listen back to the masters Mike did, it puts a smile on my face. Mike did such an amazing job bringing out the energy and excitement in my mixes. Everything feels punchy, the vocals are clear but not harsh and everything just feels like it’s glued together as one unit. I don’t know how he did it. I really appreciated him going the extra distance to fit in the project deadline and for the extra hours he spent on it. Mike is a true professional and I’ll be sending more mixes to him in the future.
— Jordan Oorebeek - Producer/Mixer/Engineer - (George Canyon, Wes Mack, Chris Buck Band, Jordan Waller)


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