More Testimonials

Sam Tinnesz.jpg

"Mike Cervantes helped me bring my music sonically to the next level. His attention to detail and desire to get it right for the artist is amazing. If you're looking for someone to give your songs clarity, commercial quality volume and extra edge, Mike is your guy. "

Sam Tinnesz - //Solo Artist/Frontman for Wave & Rome


"Mike has mastered 2 of my projects, and I am always so pleased with his work. He’s incredibly reliable, and he understands that each project is different and unique. He always delivers exactly what I’m asking for. He pays attention to the details and brings out the gold in each project. He just gets it! I’ve already recommended him to my friends, and I’ll continue to do so. Thanks for always being a pleasure to work with!"

     Maggie Eckford (Ruelle)  - //Artist from Nashville -

"Every time I listen back to the masters Mike did, it puts a smile on my face. Mike did such an amazing job bringing out the energy and excitement in my mixes. Everything feels punchy, the vocals are clear but not harsh and everything just feels like it’s glued together as one unit. I don’t know how he did it. I really appreciated him going the extra distance to fit in the project deadline and for the extra hours he spent on it. Mike is a true professional and I’ll be sending more mixes to him in the future."

Jordan Oorebeek - //Producer/Mixer/Engineer - (George Canyon, Wes Mack, Chris Buck Band, Jordan Waller)

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"I love the detail and control on Mike's mastering. I have used many mastering engineers in the past but Mike's work sounds modern, loud and controlled. He takes the care necessary to ensure that the production, mix and energy in the track translates on all mediums. Mike can turn over a track fast, is easy to work with and provides a few options to give the artist a stylistic option. Would I recommend The Foxboro?...Absolutely." 

Jeff Johnson - Canadian Country Music Award (CCMA) Producer Of The Year - (George Canyon, Awolnation, Wes Mack, Chris Buck Band, Shae Dupuy)

"Mike is always the most reliable choice for me when producing a record. I always know I’m going to get the result I want, and I always know he’ll deliver on his turnaround time. Not only is he happy to make adjustments when I want them, but he’ll also give me great feedback on my mixes to make sure we get the best sound possible.
I have a lot of tough decisions on who to hire to work on my projects, but the mastering role is not one of them. Mike Cervantes at the Foxboro is my first choice and first recommendation to anyone."

Josiah Kreidler - //Producer//Engineer// - (Josh Lavender)

"Mike is the man. Always reliable and extremely easy to work with. I’ve done multiple full lengths and many singles with him and I can easily say that Mike has been the most comfortable to work with out of every mastering engineer I’ve tried. It’s difficult to walk away disappointed from The Foxboro!"

Justin Kay - //Producer//Mixer// - (Mitchell Rose, Devil Music Co., Courier, DLX)

Nick C_Testimonial.jpg

"Mike at The Foxboro delivers absolutely brilliant masters. Not only does he give everything a great sound, but he goes the extra mile to make sure the track reaches its full potential. Always looking forward to mastering projects with Mike!"

Nick Cavalieri - Multi-Platinum Producer//Mixer at Blast Off Productions (Mac Miller, PNB Rock, Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Yuneer Gainz, Mallory Merk)

"Mike is incredible. He brought so much clarity to my mix and enhanced the dynamic structure of the song. It was a next level experience. He is great at involving the artist and producer in his process and handled all of our feedback with a lot of genuine care and expertise. I am really thankful that Mike had his hand in this project and hope to collaborate with him more in the future."

Chad Wahlbrink - Producer/Mixer/Engineer - (COIN, Thad Kopek, Tony Andreson, Molly Parden)


"I first met Mike when we worked together at a music shop in NYC. At the time, he was also an apprentice at one of the most reputable mastering houses in the world, being trained by the best. After getting to know Mike personally, I realized not only was he a stand up guy to be around and work with, but he had a great pair of ears too! I realized Mike would be the perfect choice to master my band’s music. We’ve never gone anywhere else since and for good reason. Mike truly cares about his craft and your music, and you can rest assured you will have professional results back quickly."

Tom Binasco - //Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer, Mang Studios Brooklyn (Artist credits: SkinGod, My Own Personal Soundtrack, Band of Heroes)

"Incredible mastering work for my new singles. I used LANDR to master the songs initially, but what The Foxboro did with the mixes was far superior. Highly recommended!"

Michael Hammers - //Artist From Nashville, TN

"Very impressed with what The Foxboro did with my band’s record. Took a well mixed album, and elevated it that much more to the professional quality we were seeking. Turnaround was on time and quick for us. Mike is a kind and awesome dude. I’m looking forward to working with The Foxboro again when the opportunity arises."

Stephen Palmer - //Member of Code Machine in Nashville, TN

the most strange 2.jpeg

"I had a vision to bring my dark thoughts to life. I started recording with Jordan Barone from Blastoff studios. We vibed off the rip and started molding a sound as exciting and creepy as “The Circus”. Once all songs were mixed down, I was referred to Mike from The Foxboro Studio. Having worked so diligently to create this cohesive sound, Mike stepped in and brought it to the next level. This raunchy chaos of a project became smooth and easy on the listeners ears. Can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in the future.

TheMostStrange - //HipHop Artist from NYC -

"Always does an awesome job! Fast, efficient, quality! And good people!"

Beacon Light - //HipHop Artist) -

"Mike was phenomenal. Not only was the delivery time was insanely fast, but he was very flexible and understood our direction with the song. The quality is top notch, industry standard and very transparent! Mike is overall a great guy as well and made the process fun, stress-free and productive! I would highly recommend using Mike as your go-to mastering engineer! He’s my top 1 choice!”

Cezar White - //Music Producer//Owner at Tone Freak Audio - (Gabriella Geneva, Brandon Lehti, Dollhouse Vanity)

"I’ve done a few projects with Mike so far, and each time I get the files back it doesn’t only exceed my expectations, but the whole process is always an enjoyable one. He’s a straight forward guy that listens and delivers. What more can you want from a mastering engineer?!"

Jon Velasquez - //Producer//Mixer//Recording Engineer - (Chapel Worship, Daylight Worship, Atesto, Jason Dunn, Revolution Worship)

"I’ve never heard my music sound so dynamic and clear after going to mastering as I did when Mike worked on my EP. A pleasure to work with and a very musical engineer, he gave new life to the tracks and really helped enhance what was going on in the music, without sacrificing dynamic range or volume. The tracks sound huge! If you want your music to sound the best it possibly can, I’d recommend calling Mike Cervantes!"

Kevin Andreas - //Artist//Producer//Mixer - (A$AP Rocky, Mikey Wax, Sandra Bernhard)

"If I say that I was surprised when I received the final master files from Mike, I would be lying because he delivered exactly what I wanted. He did an awesome job mastering the second album of my band, respecting the dynamic present on the songs and bringing to light the best that mastering could do. No doubt will I count on him for the next album!"

Fabio Massa - //Artist from Brazil (Dilei)

"The Foxboro truly took our project to the next level. Mike kept in touch throughout the process and was willing to go the extra mile to see the record become the best it could be. I will definitely be coming back in the future for mastering needs!"

Mike Cochran - //Lead Singer & Songwriter of Render The Hearts


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike on a few occasions, and have been extremely satisfied with the job he does as a mastering engineer. Mastering is that final step of music production that can truly raise the quality of your track from good to great. If you have a good mix and choose to have Mike master it, you are assuring yourself that your song will sound phenomenal, simple as that."

D.J. Adkins - //Producer//Composer//Mixer - (Melon), Sick Timez Productions

"I know for every master Mike does he uses his expert knowledge of dynamic processing and finely tuned ear to knock each song out of the park. I recommend Mike to everyone I can that needs expert mastering services."

Travis Ball - //Producer//Mixer//Engineer - (Mae, Megan Miller, World Wide Groove Corp, Colleen Francis, Vienna)

"If you’re not getting your tracks mastered by Mike, then you’re goofing up. Can’t thank this guy enough!"

Christian Stropko - //Producer//Mixer//Engineer - (Sean Stone, Fresh Life Worship)

"Working with Mike is the best! He’s musically minded and easy to work with!"

Matt Schenck - //Engineer at Germano Studios New York (Disco Biscuits, Rich Mystics)

"Mike always does great work, offers excellent feedback and makes sure your happy with the finished product. Plus, he’s dead sexy, so that helps."

Ross Morgan - //Artist from Grand Rapids, MI

"The Foxboro took our mix and turned it up to 11!!! Mike’s services we’re introduced to me by an engineer I implicitly trust and I was not disappointed!! I have used other mastering services before....I will not be using anyone else but Mike Cervantes at Foxboro in the future. He’s super pro, maintained contact throughout and he’s so nice I secretly think he’s Canadian!"

Clint Van Blanken - //Artist/Songwriter/Producer

"Mike did an amazing job, and was also full of advice and input into the project."

Alex Malcolm - //Owner of Roleystone Music

"Mike did such an amazing job on my EP. He’s got that magic touch that will take any mix to the next level. I highly recommend The Foxboro."

Todd Mendez - //Solo Artist from Nashville

"Mike is legit, he definitely adds something special to the final mix."

Jake Harsh - //Nashville Solo Artist

"Mike is legit. Great service and great results!! Will most definitely have my next project mastered by him!"

Kurt Felsman - //Worship Leader at Calvary Church Valparaiso, IN -


"I was referred to Mike for mastering services by a mutual friend, and now I refuse to let anyone else touch my mixes. He's prompt, efficient, affordable, and listen's to what the artist has to say without undermining them (even though he is the professional). He literally brings new life to every song I send him. MIKE IS THE MAN!"

Realname McCoy - //HipHop Artist from NYC -

"Mike at The Foxboro is an excellent choice for mastering because of his exceptional end-product, clear and friendly communication, and his commitment to going above-and-beyond for his clients. Our team tested a few mastering options before committing, and Mike’s masters were, without a doubt, the highest quality, at a very reasonable rate, and a fast turnaround time. We highly recommend Mike as your mastering engineer, and we look forward to sending more projects to The Foxboro in the future."

Matt Diff - California Sound Experiment -

"Mike is definitely the go to guy if you want top-tier quality on your mixes! He’s learned directly from the Masters how to “Master” your music."

Ryan Nelson - //Solo Artist from Nashville -


"Mike delivered an exceptional product on time and on budget. A great communicator, artist and professional. Would definitely recommend his services."

Jeff Troutman - //Folk Artist//Fly FIshing Podcaster -

Codie Prevost.jpg

Mike was incredible to work with! Quick, Professional, and very high quality! He keeps the lines of communication open and makes sure the project is done on time. Will work with him again in the future

Codie Prevost - //Solo Artist from Saskatchewan -

david Gross.jpg

"Mike has a fantastic set of ears, and is extremely easy to communicate with. He has the flexibility to work with challenging dynamic material, and create exactly what the client wants to hear. I can’t recommend Mike enough!

David Gross - //Producer & Owner of Woodsong Hollow Studios

"Mike is the man. We’ve used The Foxboro now on 4 different occasions to master songs and each time the songs come back sounding killer. Always professional, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are happy, and a fast turnaround. Love working with Mike I’ve thrown out all my old mastering contacts because this is the only one I plan to use from this point forward."

Eric Wagler - //Owner at GoDIYRecords