We specialize in delivering high quality stereo mastered mixes for all forms of digital and physical distribution. With digital streaming becoming a new norm, we take into consideration that your mixes will probably be heard through various mobile devices and headphones. That is why we strongly believe it is important to have your mixes mastered and prepared properly for consistent playback on all audio systems. We have every desire to make your stereo master sound it’s absolute best and standout among other artists found in the world of digital streaming and digital music stores. 



If you desire to distribute your music on CD, we highly recommend that you request a DDP from us of the exact mastered waveforms we created during your mastering session. This will prohibit any alteration to the quality of your masters when handled by the replication plant. We take DDP creation seriously, and that is why we also perform QC listening to every second of audio before we send you a final DDP. This step is commonly ignored (small and large mastering studios) but we do it because we want to make sure your CD will playback flawlessly without any skips. 


The Foxboro is fully capable of performing the necessary actions required to master your audio specifically for iTunes. Our experience of this process comes from working in the industry and knowing what Apple is specifically looking for in hi-res WAV files before they use their encoding tools to process the final file sold on iTunes. Its a process available during every mastering session at The Foxboro and is highly recommended for anyone choosing to release their music on iTunes.


Vinyl records are back and each year vinyl sales keep rising. Its very common today for artists to release their music on vinyl for fans that love to drop the needle on some grooves. The general misconception is how the masters are transferred to vinyl and the special processes needed before they are cut to vinyl. As a former engineer of a well known vinyl mastering facility in NYC, our engineer has gained some knowledge of the vinyl mastering process and has been educated on how to properly prepare a mastered mix for vinyl. If you desire to release your music on vinyl, you are in perfect and experienced hands  to receive masters ready to cut to vinyl.