Getting your mixes mastered is the final step of the music making process before distribution. It's the last effort to improve your mix's sonic qualities and enhance the listening experience for the intended audience in every format it is heard. Whether it's a single or full-length album, mastering is a very important step that should never be overlooked or undermined, but simply sought to help your mix's potential success.

The Foxboro is a dedicated audio mastering studio. Owner and Founder Mike Cervantes has mastered music for Major Label and Independent Artists from all over the globe spanning every genre of music. With his experience and dedication to being a "final set of ears", Mike has been apart of mastering numerous albums and singles charting on Billboard's TOP 40, Latin Pop, Canadian Country and Christian Rock/Christian AC charts.

After opening its doors in 2011 originally as a recording studio, The Foxboro quickly earned a business award for "enhancing the positive image of small business through service to its customers and community". Now as a dedicated mastering studio, The Foxboro continues to build its character by providing the necessary components to deliver world-class mastering services to any type of artist or label. With our precise monitoring, professional industry leading equipment, and our engineer's artistic and professional expertise, we know how to critically listen to your mix and determine what (if any) necessary steps are needed to improve its quality for all music formats it's distributed.

Giving your audience the best representation of your song’s mix is expected when you release the new music you've worked hard on. 

So do it. GET MASTERED at The Foxboro.