ABOUT: Mike Cervantes


Mike Cervantes is the owner and mastering engineer at The Foxboro. He has mastered music for independent, major label, Dove Award winning, Latin GRAMMY™ and GRAMMY™ nominated artists. His masters have been found on the Billboard charts spanning numerous genres, Spotify charts, featured in Rolling Stone Brazil's "Albums of the Year", heard in the clubs of Manhattan, requested on FM radio in the USA & Canada, and featured on Beats 1 Radio worldwide. 

Mike has been very blessed to be mentored by GRAMMY™ winning producer/mixer John Jaszcz, learn under GRAMMY™ winning mastering engineer Hank Williams, and apprentice for multi-GRAMMY™ Nominated mastering engineer/vinyl cutting guru Scott Hull at Masterdisk NYC. Mike has seen the deep inner workings of the music industry in Nashville and NYC, has worked in an atmosphere of extreme sonic professionalism in two of the top mastering facilities in the world, and experienced high quality music production sessions by top selling artists and musicians such as Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Dave Matthews Band, Slipknot, Florida Georgia Line and many more.

Mike's goal with every project is to help you achieve a higher level of sonic quality and fidelity with your mix for the world to enjoy on every digital and physical format. He consistently creates high quality masters for every client and his passion for music has never been stronger than it is today. As The Foxboro's sole mastering engineer, Mike is well equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to take your music to a professional and competitive level.