To help you prepare for your mastering session, we have a few suggestions to help the process of your next session move a little quicker. These are NOT mandatory but very much preferred.


  1. Mouth noises, pops, and clicks. Please do your best to remove these in the individual tracks of your mix. This is NOT mandatory because we can remove most of these noises in the final editing process, but the more you do on your end will result in a much better and faster result.

  2. Make sure your mix sounds exactly the way you want. This one is pretty self explanatory. If there is anything that we think can be better improved in the mix , we will definitely reach out and let you know in a friendly email.

  3. Please send your mix as a WAV file.

  4. Please make sure you send your mix in the SAME sample rate and bit depth that you mixed in. For example, if you mixed in a sample rate of 48khz and bit depth of 32bit, please send your mix as a 48khz/32bit WAV file. We definitely prefer/encourage you to send 24bit OR 32bit files in any sample rate. If you have multiple songs mixed in multiple sample rates and bit depths, please mention that in the GET MASTERED form or in a friendly email.

  5. If you mixed with/into a limiter on your mix bus to create a “sound” and want to call that your “FINAL MASTER MIX”, PLEASE send another version without the limiter on your mix bus. We are always open to the idea of using the mix that represents exactly what you created. But it is nice to have another option that we can use to replicate the “sound” you created but bring a better end result for your final master.

  6. If you have a “Client ref” or “Heated” ref (A.K.A a loud version of your mix that you sent to the client) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include it with your mix! We would like to know what you and your client have been hearing during the mixing process and having that handy to reference will help us get to the end result quicker for you and your client.

After you send the mix(es) in this format and fill out a GET MASTERED form,  we can begin mastering. After we have mastered your songs,  we will send you master refs to approve. If you need an adjustment to one or all the songs, we can do that for you until you are 100% satisfied. Once you are satisfied with how everything sounds, we will then move on to final editing and preparation for distribution.



If you plan to have us make a DDP of your project for CD replication, we will need your ISRCs, UPC and the official sequencing with correct spelling of ALL the song titles BEFORE we make the DDP. This includes if you have any featured artists too. This VERY VERY important. ALL CODES AND TITLES MUST BE CORRECT. The DDP creation will happen after all masters have been approved, gone through a final QC listen and all final editing has been performed. Once the DDP is created, an engineer will QC the DDP to insure there are no skips on playback and that all the information is correct.


If you plan to have us make an Apple Digital Master version of your masters, please make sure you are using a digital distributor that supports the MFIT program. If you need help finding a digital distributor that does support the MFIT program, please let us know and we'd be happy to help you.