What are Apple Digital Masters?

Apple Digital Masters (previously known as Mastered For iTunes) is a special process in mastering and a premium distribution process developed by Apple. It allows you to publish your music on iTunes at a higher fidelity for a more enjoyable listening experience.

If I’m releasing music on iTunes, do I need an Apple Digital Mastered version?

No, it is not a requirement for any iTunes release to be submitted as an Apple Digital master.

What is your turnaround time?

Turn around time is typically 2-5 days depending on the volume of other projects wea re working on. If you have a specific deadline/turn in day and need a quick turnaround, PLEASE let us know in the Get A Quote form or when Booking A Session and we will do everything we possibly can to get you your masters in time for turn in.

What does the mastering process look like?

Step 1: You Book A Session and upload your mix(es) to us. We will contact you about questions we might have concerning the details in the project form you submit. Step 2: We will master your project and send you a link that will allow you to make payment for your masters and then download them to listen to and approve. Step 3: Approve the masters and you can upload for Distribution. Or if you have any requests for changes, let us know and we will collaborate on how to best handle those changes.

How much headroom should I leave in my mixes for mastering?

Please review our Mastering Prep Guide section 5 & 6 in the "General" section.

What is a DDP? Do I need one?

A DDP is a digital image of your album/music/digital masters. It is a very reliable way to send your masters to a replication plant without any flaws versus sending a burned copy of your masters on CD which could posses scratches or other flaws that would be printed multiple times. You definitely don't want that to happen! We HIGHLY recommend having us make the DDP for you if you are planning to release your music on physical CDs. Please see our Mastering Prep Guide to prepare all the extra codes you will need to take full advantage of the DDP.

What if I have alternate versions of my song(s) for TV/Film/Sync Placement?

We can absolutely master those for you. Please specify this request when you Book A Session.

Do you sell ISRCs?

No, we do not sell ISRCs. But you can purchase them at: https://www.usisrc.org/

What are your rates?

Use the Get A Quote form to get a custom quote for your project. Once you submit the form, you will automatically get a copy of our rate sheet sent to your email to review our rates and services.

Can I book an attended session?

Not at this time.


All invoices must be paid in full before any mastered file is sent out for approval. The digital good/service you are paying for is non-refundable. If there is another request for changes to a final master after final editing/final master creation has been performed and delivered, there will be additional revision rates applied to the project and payment is required in full before sending the newly updated masters.